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Instrument: MAESTRO : Measurements of Aerosol Extinct in the Stratos.and Tropos. Retr. by Occultation
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[ Text extracted from the SCISAT MAESTRO Homepage ]

MAESTRO, which stands for "Measurements of Aerosol Extinction in the
Stratosphere and Troposphere Retrieved by Occultation," aids in the
satellite's overall mission of increasing our understanding of
the chemical processes involved in the depletion of the ozone
layer. SCISAT also carries the Canadian-built Fourier Transform
Spectrometer (ACE-FTS) instrument as part of the overall mission,
dubbed Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment (ACE).

MAESTRO was developed, in co-operation with the Canadian Space Agency,
by Toronto-based Meteorological Service of Canada, the University of
Toronto, and EMS Technologies of Ottawa. Funding for the ACE mission,
including both Canadian instruments, is being provided by the Canadian
Space Agency's Space Science Program.

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