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Instrument: ASAR : Advanced Synthetic Aperature Radar
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The Advanced Synthetic Aperature Radar (ASAR) on the European Space Agency
(ESA) ENVISAT spacecraft (launched March 1, 2002). is a high resolution,
all-weather imaging SAR that will provide data on ocean waves, surface
topography, land surface properaties, snow and ice extent, and sea-ice
processes. The ASAR operates in three modes: image mode, wide swath mode
and wave mode. The imaging mode collects data in C-band (5.3 GHz) with a
bandwidth of 15.55 MHz at 30 meter resolution and a swath width of 100 km.
The Wide Swath Mode uses the ScanSAR technique and provides a resolution
of 100 meters and a swath of 400 km. The Wave Mode also operates at 5.3
GHz with a resolution of 30 meters in 5 x 5 km swaths for imaging of ocean
surface to determine ocean wave features. The ASAR C-band radar operates
in either horizontal (H) or vertical (V) polarization.

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