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Platform: GOES > NOAA Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites
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Orbit Altitude: 35,800 km (22,300 miles)
Orbit Inclination: 0.41 degrees
Period: 1,436 minutes
Repeat Cycle: GOES flies in an orbit above the equator at the same rate as the equator turns -- one cycle per day.
Apogee: 400 000 km (240 000 mi)
Orbit Type: GEO > Geosynchronous > Geostationary
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GOES satellites provide the kind of continuous monitoring necessary
for intensive data analysis. They circle the Earth in a geosynchronous
orbit, which means they orbit the equatorial plane of the ... View entire text
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Design Life: 7 to 11 years
Launch Site: Cape Canaveral/Kennedy Space Center, USA
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