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Platform: SPOT-4 > Systeme Probatoire Pour l'Observation de la Terre-4
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Orbit Altitude: 832 km
Orbit Inclination: 98.8
Equator Crossing: 10:30 local solar time
Period: 100.9 minutes
Repeat Cycle: 26 days
Perigee: 791.0 km
Apogee: 811.0 km
Orbit Type: LEO > Low Earth Orbit > Polar Sun-Synchronous
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SPOT (Satellite Probatoire d'Observation de la Terre) is the
French government sponsored civil Earth observation program,
with support from Belgium and Sweden. A single SPOT satellite
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Design Life: 4 Years
Launch Date: 1998-03-24
Launch Site: Kourou, French Guiana
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