Distributed Oceanographic Data System

Project Description
The Distributed Oceanographic Data System (DODS) makes remote,
scientific data accessible, over the Internet, through familiar data
analysis and visualization packages. IDL, Ferret and Matlab are some
of these analysis packages though which remote data are accessible via

DODS converts transparently from a number of commonly used data
formats into the format appropriate for the analysis package. Some of
these data formats are HDF, netCDF, JGOFS, Matlab, and DSP.

DODS is based on two principles:
1. Scientists, as well as national archives, are data providers
2. Users should have access to data directly from their analysis packages

Support is provided to the DODS community by the University
Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Unidata Program Center:

More information, software for download, and software installation
documentation are available at the DODS web site: