Convection and Moisture Experiment 3

Project Description
The third in the series of CAMEX field studies (CAMEX-3) is planned
for August - September, 1998. This field campaign will be devoted to
the study of hurricane tracking and intensification using NASA-funded
aircraft remote sensing instrumentation. The NASA ER-2 and DC-8 are
the primary aircraft platforms currently planned for the deployment;
however, collaborations with the National Weather Service/Tropical
Prediction Center/National Hurricane Center and National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration/Hurricane Research Division are being
developed so that actual mission sorties may involve as many as five
to six aircraft.

The remote sensing instrumentation to be utilized by NASA during
CAMEX-3 will yield high spatial and temporal information of hurricane
structure, dynamics, and motion. These data, when analyzed within the
context of more traditional aircraft, satellite, and ground-based
radar observations, should provide additional insight to hurricane
modelers and forecasters who continually strive to improve hurricane
predictions. The ultimate goal of CAMEX-3 is to provide information
which could someday assist in decreasing the size of coastal
evacuation areas and increasing the warning time for those areas.

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