Program for Climate, Ecosystem and Fire Applications

Project Description
CEFA is an acronym for the Program for Climate, Ecosystem and Fire
Applications. It was formed on October 1, 1998 through an assistance
agreement between the Bureau of Land Management Nevada State Office
and the Desert Research Institute (DRI). As of November 2000, a new
5-year assistance agreement was signed with the BLM national Office of
Fire and Aviation to continue basic climate studies and product
development for fire managment at the national level. CEFA resides
within the Division of Atmospheric Sciences of DRI, and works closely
with the Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC). The primary functions
of CEFA are:

1.Perform studies and applied research to improve the understanding of
relationships between climate, weather, fire and natural resources.

2.Serve as a liaison between the decision-maker (user) and the
scientific research community by providing product training,
education, assisting in technology transfer, and eliciting user

3.Improve operational fire weather forecasting and smoke prediction
using new knowledge of climate and meteorology.

4.Provide a source for fire, ecosystem and related climate information.

5.Provide a human dimensions component including risk, impacts, hazard

6.Develop decision-support tools for fire applications.

7.Provide a societal interactions component.

8.Provide climate and weather information directly for fire and
ecosystem decision-making and strategic planning

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