Winter Icing and Storms Project

Project Description
The Winter Icing and Storms Project is a multi-investigator
program to study the meteorological conditions that produce
hazardous aircraft icing conditions in winter storms. To a large
extent, this entails forecasting and detecting regions of
supercooled liquid water in the storms. ETL's participation in
the Denver area field experiments from 1990 to 1994 included the
use of microwave radiometers to monitor the vertically-integrated
liquid water content of winter clouds and the NOAA/K and NOAA/C
radars to observe the clouds' fine-scale internal structure and
motions. A dual-wavelength technique for mapping the liquid water
regions of clouds was tested and radar polarization signatures of
water drops, and various ice crystal types were developed using
theoretical modeling and observations.


Dr. Roger Reinking

[Information provided by NOAA]