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Water Resources, Management and Development Service, Land and Water Development Division,Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations

Service Provider Description
The Water Resources, Development and Management Service (AGLW)
is concerned with sustainable use and conservation of water in
agriculture. It assesses water resources and monitors
agricultural use; assists in water policy formulation and
promotes irrigated agriculture and efficient water use through
management innovations, modernization and institutional
reforms. It collaborates with several other FAO units, in
particular with the Development Law Service in rendering legal
advisory services relating to the development, use and
protection of freshwater resources.

The programmes and activities of the Service include development
of water resources through small scale irrigation and
appropriate water control technologies; best practices for
sustainable water use and conservation and the avoidance and
mitigation of adverse environmental effects of water
development. The Service is responsible for the conceptual
design and technical backstopping of water development projects
in developing countries, especially with regard to FAO's Special
Programme on Food Security, and for the operation of
inter-regional, water related field projects.


[Summary provided by AGLW.]
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