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Service Provider Description
GEOKEM aims at keeping at hand and referable to within seconds, a brief
description of all volcanic and igneous centers world-wide (and some associated
sediments) for which there is reasonable data, together with a regional
variation diagram as well as a multi-element fingerprint, REE, metals, the
alkaline earth trace elements (Zr, Nb, Sr, Rb, Y, Ba) and other relevant
diagrams for single centers. Short descriptions together with fractionation
diagrams, comparisons between the different types of basalt known as ORB
(Oceanic Ridge Basalt), NMORB, EMORB, OIB, IAB, CAB, (see Glossary for
terminology) and other fundamental magma types, graphic comparisons between
centers of similar and dissimilar type, and the primary basaltic parental magma
trends etc are all shown. It is continuously updated as new data comes to hand.
There are still omissions, diagrams not yet done etc due to lack of finance and
that ever scarce commodity, time. All data used has been identified by an
abbreviated reference, necessarily so, as it must fit in the width of a
computer plot. If any data used is missing a reference somewhere in the general
text, we welcome communications pointing this out. Completed references to all
published data are also to be found in the main databases PETDB and GEOROC.

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