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INformation Technology TELECommunication Geomatics Inc.

Service Provider Description
Intelec Geomatics inc. (Intelec) is an information technology firm that
provides services related to the fields of information systems,
telecommunications and geomatics.

Intelec works primarily with organisations that manage land (government
departments, municipalities, counties), utilities (electricity, gas,
telecommunications) and natural resources (forestry, mining, the environment,

Intelec professionals have extensive experience and expertise in:

- database management systems (DBMS);
- geographic information systems (GIS);
- spatial data warehouses;
- computer-aided design systems (CAD);
- data collection systems (photogrammetry, geodesy, GPS, etc.);
- client server architecture;
- communications and telecommunications;
- training and technology transfer.

Intelec professionals have successfully completed projects in over forty
municipalities, thirty government agencies and departments, and electricity,
gas and telecommunications utilities in twenty countries.

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