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Atmospheric Studies Group, Earth Tech

Service Provider Description
When Earth Tech was founded in 1970, its primary focus was geotechnical engineering. Beginning in the 1980’s, in response to evolving environmental laws, the company’s services expanded to include the environmental services market. Entering the 1990s, Earth Tech was recognized as one of the leading providers of environmental, earth sciences, and waste management consulting.

As Earth Tech focused on expansion, a number of highly specialized and well-regarded engineering, construction and environmental firms were brought together. These acquired companies have added important technical capabilities and strengthen existing ones, including engineering, remediation, construction, contract operations and management, air quality management, water and wastewater engineering, solid waste management and transportation and infrastructure engineering.

Recognizing the potential for serving an even broader global market, Earth Tech was acquired by Tyco International Ltd. in 1996.

Today, Earth Tech is one company of 7,000 people around the world, backed by the resources of Tyco. But, throughout our history, one trait has remained consistent: our unwavering focus on providing vital solutions to meet our clients changing needs

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