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RADARSAT International

Service Provider Description
RADARSAT International (RSI) was formed in 1989, and over the
years has established itself as a reputable provider of
information solutions based on satellite-derived data. By
combining information obtained from Earth observation (EO)
satellites with other data sources such as climate/field data,
baseline geographic information, and Internet-based information,
RSI has successfully responded to the changing business needs of
the spatial data community.

RSI's long history of innovation can be attributed to the
adoption of ground-breaking technology, along with the
exceptional commitment to its partners and clients. Our clients
are sophisticated users of EO data and often combine information
from many different satellites to ensure an accurate "picture"
of what they are monitoring.

RSI provides data from most commercially-available (and soon to
be available) EO satellites, including RADARSAT-1, RADARSAT-2,
LANDSAT 4/5, LANDSAT 7, IKONOS, IRS, ERS, QuickBird, and
ENVISAT. This integrated, multi-sensor approach keeps our
clientele at the cutting edge of advanced information solutions,
and offers support to resource managers, disaster agencies,
decision-makers, and other users of satellite-based information.


[Summary provided by Radarsat International]
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