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Service Provider Description
VORSIM is a set of computer programs that helps build, operate,
and manage mathematical models in the Microsoft Excel
spreadsheet. The software can be used to create dynamic time
series models, static partial equilibrium economic models,
engineering process models, business plan projections, Armington
bilateral trade flow models, or any other type of simultaneous
or multi-equation simulation model that can be constructed in a
spreadsheet. While you specify the structure and equations for
a model, VORSIM automates some of the most tedious parts of
model building while retaining all of the convenience of
spreadsheets. Model building and simulation operations are
controlled with [Control Buttons] conveniently placed on the
relevant control screens and workbook sheets.

The VORSIM trademark in the U.S. and abroad is owned by Vernon
Oley Roningen


[Summary provided by Vernon Oley Roningen]
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