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Service Provider Description
ACCU-DATA is the world's most comprehensive and flexible state-of-the-art
database designed and continually improved by Accu-Weather's staff of over 100
meteorologists and computer scientists, and is real-time, interactive and
affordable. ACCU-DATA data sources include the National Weather Service (NWS)
Domestic Data Service (including Services A and C), NWS Public Products
Service, State Weather Wires, International Data Service, National
Meteorological Center Numerical Products Service, FAA 604 Data Circuit,
European World Forecasting Model data, DIFAX, WEFAX, GOES Satellite data,
lightning data and radar data.
ACCU-DATA consists of 6 major components:
1) Data and Text: Select from over 35,000 data types including surface
observations, upper air data, forecasts, watches, warnings, climatological
summaries and marine data. Easy commands allow you to select what you need
by site, region, state or county, and for specific time periods.
2) High Resolution Maps: The Advanced Map Plotting System (AMPS) permits you to
choose from over one million high resolution maps and graphics. Any area of
the world can be sized and contoured to your specifications at a keystroke.
Then you overlay the data display you want in the exact form and format you
3) Color Graphic Images: Choose from over 2,000 full color graphics daily--the
same high quality images used by television stations and major government
agencies. Select national and regional satellite images, radars and
RadarPlus, current and forecast surface and upper air maps, and temperature
band maps.
4) Lightning Data and Graphics: the distribution, intensity and frequency of
lightning strikes are available in real-time on a local, regional and
national basis.
5) European and Other Forecast Models: The European World Forecast Model,
MRF (Spectral), NGM (Nested Grid Model), RAF's (Regional Area Forecast) and
LFM (Limited Fine Mesh) model outputs yield computerized forecasts for the
Northern and Southern Hemispheres up to 7 days ahead.
6) DIFAX: Access over 300 NWS DIFAX products within seconds of availability.
ACCU-DATA Contact:
Phone: 814-235-8600 (AccuWeather Sales)
Access Procedures:
Connect from anywhere in the world by telephone. Requires no specialized
equipment and is compatible with virtually all terminals, modems, and personal
and business computers.
Ordering/Price Policy:
Pay only for the time you use. No phone charges, set up fees, or penalty
overtime costs.
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