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Broom's Barn, Rothamsted Research

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Rothamsted Research comprises two major sites which together form the largest land-based institute in the UK and the oldest in the world: Rothamsted and Broom's Barn.

Broom's Barn site was established in 1962 in the centre of the UK's sugar beet growing region. Now, it is the main source of research and education for British sugar beet growers. It is financed principally through the sugar beet industry (via the BBRO), but also receives grants from DEFRA, BBSRC, EU and commercial companies.

Our research program is monitored regularly by independent scientists, and therefore, we can claim with some justification that it is of high quality and well regarded within the sugar beet industry

The facilities on the station include analytical, plant physiology, molecular biology and micropropagation laboratories, and a tarehouse with an adjoining analytical laboratory. In addition, there are glasshouses and controlled environment rooms. Our 77 ha experimental farm is a valuable facility, enabling us to carry out irrigation studies and trial work on site.


[Summary provided by Rothamsted Research, Broom's Barn Research Station.]
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