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Interactive Mapping Center, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior

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Since 1995, the focus of GIS (Geographic Information System) in the National Park Service has been on cartographic data acquisition for parks, GIS training, and technical and administrative support for the growing number of GIS and GPS (Global Positioning System) operations in parks. More than 250 NPS units use GIS today. GIS applications range from studies of effects on parks by visitors to assistance with the re-creation of historic battlefield landscapes.
Current Status

National level management of GIS in the NPS is coordinated through the National Information Systems Center (NISC) and reports to the NPS Chief Information Officer (CIO). This is to align Internet and library programs with GIS technology and to broaden the GIS support and outreach to other programs such as cultural resources, land resources, and national rivers and trails. Like these programs natural resources also maintains a GIS coordinator position.

Also since 1995, eight regional technical support centers were funded and improved and the National Park Service entered into a cooperative agreement for national GIS support with the North Carolina State University.

The GIS Coordinator of the Natural Resource Information Division provides leadership on GIS and spatial data issues in the National Park Service and assists with implementation of GIS in national parks; represents the National Park Service to the Interior Geographic Data Committee; and coordinates data requirements, satellite imagery, and other spatial data for base cartography by the service.

The North Carolina State University assists parks and the regional technical support centers with applications of GIS, provides training of park personnel in GIS, and serves as a clearinghouse for data that are posted on the Internet.

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