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U.S. Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics Program

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The U.S. GLOBEC (GLOBal ocean ECosystems dynamics) is a research
program organized by oceanographers and fisheries scientists to
address the question of how global climate change may affect the
abundance and production of animals in the sea.

The U.S. GLOBEC Program currently has major research efforts
underway in the Georges Bank / Northwest Atlantic Region, and
the Northeast Pacific (with components in the California Current
and in the Coastal Gulf of Alaska). U.S. GLOBEC is a major
contributor to International GLOBEC efforts now underway in the
Southern Ocean and Western Antarctic Peninsula (WAP).

U.S. GLOBEC is a component of the U.S. Global Change Research
Program, with support from the:

U.S. National Science Foundation Division of Ocean Sciences

U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Coastal Ocean Program Office.


[Summary provided by GLOBEC]
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