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Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota

Service Provider Description
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) mission
statement focuses the department's efforts in managing the
state's resources. The DNR strives to work with people to
conserve natural systems and maintain biodiversity while
providing for the ethical use of the resources for social and
economic purposes.

The DNR works to balance development needs with the need to
protect natural resource values; preserve unique, threatened,
and endangered resources; preserve unique cultural, historical,
and archaeological resources; improve and restore degraded
environments, and mitigate environmental losses; and integrate
all natural resource concerns and perspectives in
decision-making processes.

Resources are managed for a sustainable quality of life by
balancing human needs and natural systems to ensure the needs of
present generations are met without compromising the ability of
future generations to meet their needs; and maintaining the
integrity of natural systems to ensure a productive and healthy
living environment. The DNR staff works in partnership with
constituents to manage the state's ecosystems.

Maintaining a sustainable quality of life is a shared
responsibility of all citizens, as well as public and private
organizations. Minnesota's natural resources include about 16.65
million acres of forest land; 11,842 lakes of 10 acres or
larger; tens of thousands of miles of rivers; diverse game
animals; prized game fish; rare plant and animal species; rich
mineral deposits; more than 65 state parks and three state
recreation areas; and hundreds of areas for camping, hiking,
snowmobiling, and other outdoor recreation.


[Summary provided by the Minnesota DNR]
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