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AMPTE/CCE Science Data Center, Space Department, Applied Physics Laboratory, John Hopkins University

Service Provider Description
The AMPTE/CCE Science Data Center (SDC) GUEST account is a menu-driven account
which provides information on the following topics:
AMPTE Mission Summary
AMPTE/CCE Mission and Instrument Characteristics
Instrument Data Files and Software Tools
AMPTE/CCE Science Data Center and Data Archive Summary
Investigator and Personnel Directory
Guest Investigator Accounts
AMPTE/CCE Apogee Local Time in 20-day Increments
Services Offered:
The AMPTE/CCE SDC archives the entire AMPTE/CCE mission data set of Level 1
(i.e., Raw Geophysical Parameter) and ancillary data and provides analysis and
display utilities for viewing into these data set.
Data sets accessible from the facility:
AMPTE/CCE Mission ( 1984/DOY 229 through 1989/DOY 10)
Full measurement (Level 1) data
Charge-Energy-Mass (CHEM) spectrometer
Hot-Plasma Composition Experiment (HPCE)
Medium-Energy Particle Analyzer (MEPA) Instrument
Magnetometer (MAG) instrument
Plasma Wave (PWE) instrument
Averaged (Level 1) data
CHEM - 6.4 min ave
HPCE - 6.4 min ave
MEPA - 6.4 min ave
MAG - 68 sec ave
PWE - 62 sec ave
GOES 5,6 and 7 Missions ( 1984/DOY 214 through 1988/DOY 279)
Averaged data
Analysis Utilities
Calculate the flux or distribution function of major ion species
for all 32 energy step using either rate or PHA data
Compute energy spectra, pitch angle distributions, distribution
functions, radial profiles, time series and other standard space
plasma parameters
Reading specific data items from the data files
Fitting a sin(theta) to the power n dependence to the observed
Computing pressure or electrical currents
Calculate the flux or distribution function of major ion species
Despin and rotate to space-fixed coordinates the highest resolution
(8 samples/sec) mag data
CCE Science Data Center
Scan catalog of off-line data archive for desired data
Request promotion of off-line data file to on-line storage
Retrieve attitude and Keplar orbit elements information
Convert among coordinate systems
Display utilities
Stacked line plots of flux of major ion against time
Flux vs. pitch angle
Pulse height data as detected mass against detected mass per charge
Line plots, color spectrograms, and surface contours of above listed
HPCE analysis results
Time or radial profiles of ion fluxes
PHA data, particle spectra or pitch angle anisotropies
Time vs. BX, BY, BZ, ~B~ in desired coordinate frame
Time vs. high resolution data
CCE Science Data Center
Spacecraft orbit trajectory in several coordinate systems
Display tools
Precision Visuals DI3000 graphics
NCAR graphics
Contact Person:
Stuart R. Nylund
Applied Physics Laboratory
The Johns Hopkins University
Laurel, MD 20723-6099
Phone: (301) 953-5000 ext.8411
Access Procedure:
Enter LINK on the command line to connect to AMPTE/CCE SDC.
Other access provided by the data center:
Electronic data transfers of on-line data files across NSI-DECnet or
through EAST gateway for NSI-IP
Postal mail delivery of data files ordered by contacting the SDC
Remote login to AMPTE node from NSI-DECnet via 'SET HOST' function
Remote login to AMPTE node from NSI-IP via 'telnet' function to
Remote login to AMPTE node from NSI-IP via 'telnet' function to EAST
Direct login to AMPTE node by dial-up modem
Available Distribution Media :
800/1600/6250-bpi 9-trk magnetic tape
8mm magnetic tape
Pricing Policy:
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