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Instrument: EFD : Electric Fields Detector (Geotail)
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The objectives of the EFD investigation on Geotail are studies of (1) the large
scale configuration of the electric field in the magnetotail, (2) tail electric
field variations during substorms, (3) the electric field in the plasma sheet,
(4) the electric field near the magnetopause and in the plasma mantle at
locations tailward of those covered by similar measurements on ISEE 1, (5)
micropulsation and low frequency wave measurements at frequencies covering the
local gyrofrequency (<1Hz) and lower hybrid frequency (<10Hz) in the tail, (6)
plasma density as deduced from measurement of the floating potential of the
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Instrument Logistics
Instrument Start Date: 1992-07-24
Instrument Owner: ISAS, Japan

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