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Instrument: TEAMS : Time of Flight Energy Angle Mass Spectrometer
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The Time-of-flight Energy Angle Mass Spectrograph (TEAMS) instrument on the
Fast Auroral SnapshoT Explorer (FAST) is a high sensitivity, mass-resolving ion
spectrometer with an instantaneous 360 x 8 deg field of view. It is designed to
measure the full 3-dimensional distribution function of the major ion species
(including H+, He+, He++, O+, O2+ and NO+) during each half-spin period (2.5 s)
of the spacecraft. Its energy range is between 1.2 and 12000 eV/charge and thus
covers the core of all important plasma distributions in the auroral
acceleration region. The detector consists of a "top hat" toroidal
electrostatic analyzer followed by a time-of-flight analysis system and
resolves 16 x 22.5 deg azimuthal angle bins."

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Instrument Logistics
Instrument Start Date: 1996-08-21
Instrument Owner: University of California, Berkeley
University of New Hampshire

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