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Chemical Instrument Test and Evaluation-2

Project Description
The CITE missions focused on testing and evaluating the ability
of instrumentation to measure key tropospheric constituents. The
methodology has been the intercomparison of airborne
measurements obtained for the same species by instruments
utilizing fundamentally different detection principles. These
missions provide the instrumentation techniques being employed
during the ABLE (Atmospheric Boundary Layer Experiments)

The CITE-2 project was conducted aboard the NASA Electra
aircraft over California and the eastern Pacific Ocean in Summer
1986. It compared instruments that measured components of the
nitrogen oxide photochemical cycle, which strongly influences
ozone and OH concentrations in the troposphere. CITE-2 obtained
new scientific data on nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitric acid
(HNO3), and peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) within both clean
(Pacific) and polluted (continental) air. Ancillary instruments
recorded abundances of other tropospheric chemical species to
test models of tropospheric photochemistry.
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