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FIFE Follow-On

Project Description
FIFE Follow-On - The First ISLSCP (International Satellite Land
Surface Climatology Project) Field Experiment (FIFE) project conducted
field studies on a prairie site in Kansas, USA, from 1987 to 1989. The
FIFE Follow-On work included additional analyses of data collected
during the initial field campaigns and additional field
measurements. The objectives of both FIFE and FIFE Follow-On were to
understand the biophysical processes controlling the fluxes of
radiation, moisture, and carbon dioxide between the land surface and
the atmosphere, and to develop remote-sensing methodologies for
observing these processes.


1. Spatial: 15 x 15 km area; Konza Prairie Natural Research Area near
Manhattan, Kansas, USA

2. Temporal: 1987-1993; periodic intensive field campaigns

3. Data Themes: micrometeorological observations, atmospheric
conditions, and surface biophysical measurements

4. Project Status: follow-on data are being added

5. Data Availability: data available through the BIOME and X-Windows

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