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Fast Longwave And SHortwave Radiative Fluxes

Project Description
The Fast Longwave And SHortwave Radiative Fluxes (FLASHFlux) project
is based upon the algorithms developed for and data collected by the
Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy Systems (CERES) project. CERES
is currently producing world-class climate data products derived from
measurements taken aboard NASA's Terra and Aqua spacecrafts. While of
exceptional fidelity, these data products require a considerable
amount of processing to assure quality and verify accuracy and
precision. The result is that CERES data are typically released more
than six months after acquisition of the initial measurements. For
climate studies, such delays are of little consequence especially
considering the improved quality of the released data products.

The FLASHFlux project was envisioned as a conduit whereby CERES data
could be provided to the community within a week of the initial
measurements, with the trade-off that some degree of fidelity would be
exacted to gain speed.
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