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Global Precipitation Climatology Centre

Project Description
The GPCC is hosted and funded by Deutscher Wetterdienst DWD
(German Weather Service) as a German contribution to the World
Climate Research Programme. The centre was established in 1988
on request of WMO as a component of the international Global
Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP) and has various
international co-operations.

The task of the Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP)
is to provide the climate research community with gridded
datasets of monthly precipitation totals based on observational
data. The specific GPCC functions are defined by the
'Implementation and Data Management Plan for the Global
Precipitation Climatology Project' (WCRP 1990, WMO/TD-No. 367)
and comprise:

1. Acquisition, collection, and organized storage of precipitation
data from surface-based networks;

2. Quality-control and assessment of the collected resp. used data,
correction of errors;

3. Calculation of gridded area-mean monthly precipitation for the
earth's landsurface;

4. Error assessment for the precipitation totals on the individual

5. Combination of the gridded monthly precipitation data from
surface-based and satellite observations (this item is performed
jointly by all GPCP components).

First steps are taken to derive daily precipitation totals based
on GTS - SYNOP data.

New GPCC functions have been defined in the framework of the
Arctic Climate System Study (ACSYS):

1. Development of an Arctic Precipitation Data Archive (APDA)
including daily precipitation and snow depth data;

2. Calculation of area-mean precipitation series for Arctic river

GPCC also performs intercomparison studies for gridded
precipitation datasets from different sources (surface or
satellite based observations, model results, climatologies from
various authors). Furthermore, the GPCC applies its analysis
system for special studies, e.g on the Oder River floading in
July 1997 or the El-Nino precipitation anomalies in winter

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