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Geologic Remote Sensing Field Experiment

Project Description
This set of compact read-only optical disks (CD-ROMs) contains a data
collection acquired by ground-based and airborne instruments during
the Geologic Remote Sensing Field Experiment (GRSFE). Extensive
documentation is also included. GRSFE took place in July, September,
and October, 1989, in the southern Mojave Desert, Death Valley, and
the Lunar Crater Volcanic Field, Nevada. The purpose of these CD-ROMs
is to make available in a compact form through the Planetary Data
System (PDS) a collection of relevant data to conduct analyses in
preparation for the Earth Observing System (EOS), Mars Observer (MO),
and other missions. The generation of this set of CD-ROMs was
sponsored by the NASA Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program, the
Planetary Data System (PDS) and the Pilot Land Data System (PLDS).

This AAREADME.TXT file is one of the two nondirectory files located in
the top level directory of each CD-ROM volume in this collection. The
other file, VOLDESC.SFD, contains an overview of the data sets on
these CD-ROMs and is written in a format that is designed for access
by computers. These two files appear on every volume in the
collection. All other files on the CD-ROMs are located in directories
below the top level directory.

On Volume 1, the directory DOCUMENT contains a text file named
VOLINFO.TXT that describes the CD-ROM organization, the format and
content of each of the data sets, and background information and
references needed to understand the implementation of GRSFE and the
preparation of the data sets on the CD-ROMs. It is recommended that
you read the VOLINFO.TXT document before using the data files. The
DOCUMENT directory also includes text files that describe the format
of some of the data files. These text files are referenced in the
detached labels that accompany the data files. The directory INDEX,
also on Volume 1, contains a number of index files. These files are
tables in text form that have descriptive information about some of
the data sets on this CD-ROM. While the indexes can be visually
scanned, they have been designed so that they can also be loaded into
most database systems for fast and efficient searching.

Separate directories exist for each instrument that acquired data for
GRSFE. Each of these directories contains data set files and
associated detached labels. Some instrument directories are further
subdivided to manage a large number of files or to logically group a
collection of files. The ground-based data sets, documentation, index
tables and software are all located on Volume 1, and the airborne data
sets are spread over Volumes 1 through 9. The VOLINFO.TXT document
mentioned above contains a list of files and directories on each

On Volume 2, the SAMPLER directory contains a set of image files and
associated detached labels that illustrate the utility of comparison
of data from multiple sensors over the same sites. The images are sub-
scenes taken from AIRSAR, ASAS and TIMS images that appear elsewhere
in this CD-ROM collection. They are calibrated and registered to the
AVIRIS scene AVRLV02A.IMG, in the AVIRIS directory on the same volume.
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