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Office of Naval Research Arctic Leads Accelerated Research Initiative

Project Description
The objective of the Arctic Leads ARI was to gain a better
understanding of lead dynamics. As part of the project, the
Arctic Leads ARI Data Set was created to encourage the assembly
of an arctic leads climatology. The ARI was sponsored by the
Office of Naval Research (ONR) and included the LeadEx field
experiment in the spring of 1992. The Arctic Leads ARI project
was supported by ONR under Program Element No. 61153N with
Dr. Thomas Curtin as Program Manager. Distribution of the data
set is supported by NASA under its Earth Observing System Data
and Information System (EOSDIS) program.

The goal of the five year Arctic Leads ARI was a more thorough
understanding of the oceanography, meteorology, and ice dynamics
surrounding lead formation and evolution.

Contact Information:

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