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National Institute of Polar Research, Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, Japan

Service Provider Description
The National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR) has two major
tasks. The first is to promote and conduct comprehensive
scientific research in various disciplines in the polar
regions. The second is to administer the scientific programs of
and provide logistic support to the Japanese Antarctic Research
Expeditions (JARE). To plan, implement and accomplish these
tasks both in Japan and in Antarctica, NIPR cooperates with
domestic and foreign universities and research organizations.

Research programs at NIPR are grouped into five basic
disciplines: (a) upper atmosphere physics, (b) meteorology,
glaciology and oceanography, (c) earth sciences, including
geology, geomorphology, solid earth geophysics and meteorites,
(d) marine and terrestrial biology, and (e) polar region
engineering. The research activities of NIPR scientists in Japan
and in the Antarctic and Arctic regions, facilities to support
their work, and the administrative system are briefly introduced
in this booklet for visitors to NIPR. The NIPR's doors are open
to polar scientists and engineers from all over the world who
wish to engage in cooperative research.


[Summary provided by NIPR.]
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