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Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway

Service Provider Description
The Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) is Norway's central
institution for research, environmental monitoring and mapping
of the polar regions. The Institute is the Norwegian
authorities' consultant and supplier of knowledge, and
contributes to the best possible administration of Norwegian
polar areas. Through active participation in national and
international bodies, the Polar Institute is central when it
comes to protecting national interests in matters of research
and the environment.

The Institute?s activities are concentrated on environmental
management needs at both poles. Global climate, long-range
transported pollution, the effect of pollutants on the
environment, biodiversity and topographical mapping of the
regions are all-important tasks, as is environmental
collaboration in the Barents Region. The Institute equips and
organizes expeditions to both poles, owns the research vessel
"Lance" and runs the Norwegian research station at Ny-?lesund,
which received EU status as a large-scale research facility in

The Norwegian Polar Institute distributes the results of
research projects and environmental management projects to the
Norwegian administration and to interested scientists and
managers as well as providing information to the
public. Reports, a science magazine, websites and books are
published, of which the "Polar Handbooks" in particular have
obtained a wide readership.

The Institute's library contains large collections of scientific
and historic polar literature, as well as hunting and expedition
records from as far back as the 16th century.


[Summary provided by NPI.]
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