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Solar Data Analysis Center, Solar Physics Lab, Heliospheric Science Division, Science and Exploration Directorate, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

Service Provider Description

The Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC), located at the NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA, is the
main archive of the data from the Solar Maximum Mission. In
addition, for selected solar events, or selected periods of time
corresponding to solar observing campaigns, additional data from
ground based observatories are available. The SDAC maintains
the archive and software for analysing the data and provides
technical support for visiting scientists. Currently the SDAC is
the site where the on-line solar data archive is maintained from
the BATSE experiment on board the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory.
Not all SMM data are distributed by the SDAC. The SMM ACRIM data
are available via the National Climate Data Center, and the main
archive for the SMM GRO data is at the University of New
Hampshire. Information about access to the observations and help
in the data reduction should be send to:

Joe Gurman - Facility Scientist, Solar Data Analysis Center
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