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Cooperative Distributed Interactive Atmospheric Catalog System, Earth Observing Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Service Provider Description
CODIAC is accessible:
Via the WWW -

The Cooperative Distributed Interactive Atmospheric Catalog System
(CODIAC) offers on-line access to research and operational atmospheric
science data sets distributed across geographically dispersed data
centers. The system provides the means to identify data sets of
interest, the facilities to view associated metadata, and the ability
to automatically obtain data and metadata via Internet file transfer
or removable media.
The data system currently provides access to carefully
quality-controlled data sets from research campaigns such as the U.S.
Weather Research Program's STORM-FEST campaign, GEWEX/GCIP Initial
Data set - 1 (GIDS-1), and the Central Equatorial Pacific Experiment
(CEPEX). It also provides access to numerous operational data sets
archived at NCDC via the OASIS node.
User assistance is provided by submitting email to
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