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Esrange Satellite Station, Swedish Space Corporation

Service Provider Description
The Swedish Space Corporation, SSC, is a state-owned, commercially oriented,
limited company under the Ministry of Industry. Esrange is an operational
center of SSC and is contracted to accomplish specific space and atmospheric
research tasks to support the Swedish, other national and multinational space
programs. Esrange also provides services to commercial firms requiring TT&C,
data reception, processing and distribution support. The significant customers
and contractual relationships which exist with these agencies and firms are
categorized as follows:
- The Swedish National Space Board (SNSB), who formulates the objectives,
priorities and guiding policies of the Swedish space effort.
- The European Space Agency (ESA), who contracts with SSC for services required
by their space and atmospheric research programs. ESA is the largest
individual customer.
- Other national space agencies and commercial firms, e.g. Japanese
NASDA and ISAS, French CNES and SPOT Image and the US firm EOSAT
which operates Landsat.
The Esrange complex, situated approximately 45 km from Kiruna, has
been operational since 1966. The primary mission has been sounding
rocket and balloon launches. Esrange has been augmented with low earth
orbital and geosynchronous satellite support capabilities. The
station location above the arctic circle is advantageous for polar
orbiting satellites.
The satellite data received at Esrange Satellite Station, located two km from
the main building complex, is recorded on high density tapes (HDDT). Data on
HDDT is raw as recorded from satellite. The HDDT archive is kept 'forever'.
The three data processing systems are for Landsat MSS, Landsat TM and Japanese
MOS. The data received is corrected to eliminate errors originating in the
satellite platforms, instrument imperfections and radiometric effects in the
atmosphere. Imagery data output is on CCTs or films.
The archive consists of around 15 000 HDDTs with Landsat MSS, TM and
MOS data. Nearly 300 000 MSS and TM QLs (quick-looks) are archived in
the photolab. SSC also has archived data from the Russian RESURS-01
Tracking and control of the Japanese JERS-1 launched 1992 is carried
out at Esrange as well as acquisition and processing of data from the
optical sensor OPS resolution (18x24m).
All orders for Landsat and MOS are channelled through ESA/ESRIN in Frascati,
Italy, which then place the order at the station where the required
data is available.
System Contact:
Lennart Drugge
SSC, Esrange
P. O. Box 802
S-981 28 KIRUNA, Sweden
Phone: +46 980 72000
Fax : +46 980 21331
SSC Headquarters:
Swedish Space Corporation
P. O. Box 4207
S-17104 SOLNA, Sweden
Phone: 46-8-6276200
Fax : 46-8-987069
Available Distribution Media:
The user products are for Landsat TM and MSS:
- System corrected data on CCT
- Raw data on CCT
- Photographic products in film or paper, b/w or color composite
- QL prints
The user products are for MOS:
- System corrected data on CCT
- Raw data on CCT
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