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Pacific Northwest, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Service Provider Description
The EPA's Pacific Northwest Regional Office (Region 10) focuses on
EPA's work and mission in the region which is comprised of the states
of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Pacific Northwest Indian

The site has been organized in these ways:

The first level of organization is by environmental topic, the major
topics are Air Quality, Ecosystems, Superfund, Water Quality, Waste
and Chemical

Another major organizing principle is by function such as Enforcement
and Compliance, Grants, Environmental Data and Assessment,
Environmental Education, Civil Rights & Environmental Justice.

They have also included some pages for specific customers. For example
the Business & Industry page contains links to information for
people and businesses who must comply with environmental laws. The
Concerned Citizens page contains links to information on the
environmental conditions in your neighborhood. Innovative Solutions
contains unique approaches to environmental challenges.


[Summary provided by the EPA.]
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