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Air - Sea Interaction & Climate, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Service Provider Description
The objectives of the NASA Air-Sea Interaction & Climate office are to:

-take a synergistic and interdisciplinary approach to apply
space-based observations, ground-based measurements, and numerical
model to study the coupled ocean-atmosphere system.

-improve the monitoring, from space, of ocean-atmosphere exchanges in
momentum, heat and water.

-study how these exchanges force ocean circulation and distribute the
heat, water, greenhouse gases, and nutrients stored in the ocean.

-We examine the effect of these exchanges on the enery and hydrologic
balances in the atmosphere.

-focus on seasonal-to-interannual variability and predictability, but
also examine how such variability is affected by shorter time scales
(intra-seasonal) changes and longer time scales (decadal) trend. We
are planning to study the manifest of long-term and global variability
in local and near-term hazards, such as hurricane and monsoon.


[Summary provided by NASA.]
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