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Surface Meteorology Data Center, Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies, Florida State University

Service Provider Description
Observations of surface meteorological conditions during COARE are
important and useful for defining the role of the ocean-atmosphere
heat and momentum exchange in the warm pool region of the western
tropical Pacific ocean. These types of observations are of relevance
to various science investigations. For example, the winds are critical
components for studies on ocean mixing, large-scale ocean circulation,
waves, and air-sea fluxes. Similar levels of importance can be made
for most of the other meteorological variables such as temperatures
(both air and sea surface), humidity, barometric pressure, and perhaps
other data such as precipitation or other auxiliary observations
(cloud cover, recorded weather, etc.) if available. These data were
observed/recorded from a number of instruments and platforms with
varying degrees of accuracy and frequency during COARE.


[Summary provided by Florida State University.]
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