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Department of Earth & Environmental Studies, Montclair State University

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Research topics at the Montclair State University Department of Earth and
Environmental Studies includes:

Spatial Environmental Data Analysis

Drivers and Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Change in Metropolitan Northern
New Jersey

Water Resource Management in Northern NJ and Long Island Drainage Basins

Marine Geochemistry of the Newark Bay and New York Harbor

Atmospheric Impacts on Architectural and Sculptural Stone

A Rapid Screening Technique for the Assessment of Sediment Contamination by

Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)

BRDF Applications in Semiarid Grassland Monitoring with the AVHRRs

Atmospheric Deposition of Trace Metals, Mercury, and Nitrogen to the NY-NJ

Coastal Waters and Watersheds

The Trans-Pacific Transport of Asian Dust and Aeolian Iron Deposition to the
Global Ocean

Geography has been offered at Montclair State University as a major since 1931.
Geography Program is located within the Department of Earth & Environmental
Studies in Mallory Hall. In recent years the department has grown
substantially in faculty numbers, range of courses offered and the scope of
computing and supporting facilities. The geography program at Montclair State
University is now one of the largest in the State of New Jersey.


[Summary provided by Montclair State University.]
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