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Korea Polar Research Institute, Republic of Korea

Service Provider Description
The mission of the Korea Polar Research Institute, KORDI is:

To undertake a world-class programme of scientific research, survey and long term observations addressing key issues of global or fundamental importance that require access to the Arctic/Antarctic or related regions.

To sustain for the Korea an active and influential regional presence and a leadership role in the polar affairs.

To maintain an integrated, well-managed national capability to support the overall national science strategy, to exploit research outcomes, and to raise public awareness worldwide.

To assist in the discharge of the Korean international responsibilities under the Antarctic Treaty System and with the administration of the KORDI.

To provide reliable and independent advice to the Korean government and other stakeholders, contributing to the effectiveness of Korean public services and policy.

To provide a focus for national and international co-operation, and for the co-ordination of major research programmes, especially those addressing complex scientific problems or requiring significant technology or infrastructure
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