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Laboratoire de Microbiologie, Geochimie et Ecologie Marines, CNRS/Universite de la Mediterranee

Service Provider Description
Three main areas of research, each including several specific themes:

-The dynamic processes, thermodynamic and microphysical that govern the atmosphere weather, the small scale (or cloud convection boundary layer) than synoptic disturbances, mid-latitude and tropical;

-The physical chemistry of the troposphere and the lower stratosphere with the natural and anthropogenic production, transport, flow interfaces, evolution and impact of chemical species gaseous and particulate with a more specific d ' Ozone one hand, on the other nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds and carbon aerosols;

-The coastal oceanography in its dynamic aspects relating to the general circulation, the forcings and internal disturbances; biogeochemical cycles associated with major elements; climate to study the impact of global change.

The scientific teams based on two aspects: numerical modeling and observation, where teams Laboratory AĆ©rologie have recognized nationally and internationally.
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