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Earth Science Project Office, Earth Sciences Division, Ames Research Center, NASA

Service Provider Description
[Source: NASA Earth Science Project Office, ]

The Ames Earth Science Project Office is a small group of
success-oriented individuals providing project management for NASA's
Office of Earth Science field research. They provide planning,
implementation and post mission support for large, complex,
multi-agency national and international field campaigns. They assist
in site location and preparation, communications, meteorological
support and data management. They represent NASA in negotiations for
use of facilities, they develop international agreements as needed and
handle the often complex logistics for fielding scientific and
technical personnel and equipment. They coordinate the shipping
requirements often obtaining military airlift support required for
rapid deployment of equipment. In close concert with our HQ customers
we develop and track the overall budget for the resources required to
mount the field campaigns. They also work with NASA Public Affairs
offices to coordinate press access and press activities associated
with the field missions.
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