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Instrument: CCD IMAGER
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The CTIO Mosaic II CCD imager is a clone of the Mosaic I in use on the
KPNO Mayall 4-m and 0.9-m telescopes and replaces the BTC camera
previously used at prime focus on the V. M. Blanco 4-m telescope. The
8 SITe 2Kx4K CCDs (and see below) for Mosaic II were tested in the
Tucson CCD Lab. After assembly of the focal plane, the CCDs were taken
to CTIO and installed in the dewar. We have modified the prime focus
area, strengthening the pedestal and enlargening the cage
doors. Mosaic II was installed on the Blanco 4-m for engineering tests
on July 12-14 1999, and has been scheduled for general visitor use for
subsequent semesters.

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[Summary provided by National Optical Astronomy Observatory]

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