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Instrument: LIMS : Limb Infrared Monitor of the Stratosphere
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Spectral/Frequency Information
Wavelength Keyword: Infrared > Thermal
Number Channels: 6
Spectral/Frequency Coverage/Range: 6.2 µm, 6.3 µm, 9.6 µm, 11.3 µm, two at 15 µm

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The objective of the Limb Infrared Monitor of the Stratosphere
(LIMS) experiment was to map the vertical profiles of
temperature and the concentration of ozone, water vapour,
nitrogen dioxide, and nitric acid in the lower to middle
stratosphere range, with extension to the stratopause for water
vapour and into the lower mesosphere for temperature and
ozone. This experiment was a follow-on to the Limb Radiance
Inversion Radiometer (LRIR) flown on Nimbus-6. The LIMS mapped
vertical profiles of thermal IR emission coming from the horizon
in six bands of CO2N, CO2, O3, HNO3, H2O, and NO2.

Additional information available at

[Summary provided by the British Atmospheric Data Centre]

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Instrument Logistics
Instrument Start Date: 1978-10-25
Instrument Stop Date: 1979-05-28
Instrument Owner: NASA

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