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Instrument: LEPEDEA : Low-Energy Proton and Electron Differential Energy Analyzer (IMP-8)
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The experiments on IMP-7 and IMP-8 were designed to measure the energy spectra
of low-energy electrons and protons in the geocentric range of 30 to 40 earth
radii to give further data on geomagnetic storms, aurora, tail and neutral
sheet, and other magnetospheric phenomena. The detectors were a dual-channel,
curved-plate electrostatic analyzer (LEPEDEA - low energy proton and electron
differential energy analyzer) with 16 energy intervals between 5 eV and 50 keV.
They had an angular field of view of 9¡ x 25¡. The detectors could be operated
in one of two modes: (1) one providing good angular resolution (16 directions
for each particle energy band) once each 272 s, and (2) the other providing
good temporal resolution in which the entire energy range in four directions
was measured every 68 s.
For further details on IMP-J, see Frank, L. A. et al., J. Geophys. Res., 81, p.
5859, 1976.
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