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Instrument: HIRDLS : High-Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder
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Spectral/Frequency Information
Wavelength Keyword: Infrared > Thermal
Spectral/Frequency Coverage/Range: 6 to 18 mm

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The objective of the High-Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder (HIRDLS)
instrument is to observe the global distribution of
(1) atmospheric temperature
(2) concentrations of trace gases in the atmosphere
(3) aerosols
(4) locations of polar stratospheric clouds (PSC) and cloud tops.

The HIRDLS instrument performs limb scans in the vertical
at multiple azimuth angles, providing a 2000 to 3000-km-wide swath along the satellite track, measuring infrared emissions in 21 channels from 563 to 1990 per cm. The channels are photo-conductive HgCdTe detectors cooled to 80 K. Four channels measure the emission of carbon dioxide. The goals of this instrument is to make observations with horizontal and vertical resolution superior to that previously obtained, to observe the lower stratosphere with improved sensitivity and accuracy and to use the data to improve understanding of atmospheric processes. The HIRDLS instrument has been selected for flight on the EOS CHEM series. The Co-Principal Investigators are John Barnett and John Gille.

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Instrument Logistics
Data Rate: 65 kbps
Instrument Owner: USA/NASA

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