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Biological Investigation of Terrestrial Antarctic Systems

Project Description
The BIOTAS Programme was established in the late 1980's to coordinate
terrestrial, limnological and littoral biological and related
environmental research in the Antarctic. BIOTAS is a body of
interacting scientists with common interests and goals who exchange
ideas and information to ensure awareness of current and proposed
research. This is to help maximise the value of their own research and
to minimise the duplication of effort and the wasting of resources.

The objectives of BIOTAS include the encouragement of collaboration
and, where desirable, replication of research studies using
standardised procedures. Also, to encourage research studies to follow
a more unified approach, so that national programmes may complement
each other and permit a more valid comparison of data between
localities and systems. To facilitate this, BIOTAS has produced a
manual of methods to aid standardisation and inter-comparability
(Wynn-Williams, 1992). As yet, there is no computer network linking
members of BIOTAS. However, the Microbial Strain Data Network is
already used by the British Antarctic Survey to hold data on microbial
cultures and its use may well be extended to include other data sets
of relevance to BIOTAS.
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