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Circumpolar Active Layer Monitoring Program

Project Description
The CALM (Circumpolar Active Layer Monitoring) program currently
consists of 69 research sites operated by researchers from from
Canada, China, Denmark/ Greenland, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Norway,
Poland/Svalbard, Russia, Sweden/Svalbard, Switzerland, and United
States. Although the CALM program began as a voluntary effort in 1991,
it has recently been formalized with a 5-year grant from the
U.S. National Science Foundation (OPP-9732051). Investigators at these
sites measure the seasonal thaw depth across plots using a standard
protocol. Soil and air temperature, and soil moisture content, are
also measured at many sites. If these areally averaged measurements
are combined with site-specific information on soil, landscape,
vegetation, and measurements of air and soil temperature, the
stability and projected changes in regional thaw depth and the spatial
patterns can be more realistically modeled and validated.

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