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Global Emissions Inventory Activity

Project Description
The Global Emissions Inventory Activity is an activity of the
International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Core project of the
International Geosphere-Biosphere Program. GEIA was orgnaized at the
Seventh International Symposium of the Commission on the Atmospheric
Chemistry and Global Pollution (CACGP) in Chamrousse, France, in
September 1990.

GEIA is one of the activities that has been defined by the IGAC
Steering Committee and its efforts include:
. estabishing a framework for developing and evaluating global
emissions inventories
. conducting a critical survey of existing emissions inventories of
compounds of major importance in global atmospheric chemistry
. generating and publishing inventories for use by scientists worldwide

The ultimate goal of GEIA is to establish emissions inventories for
all trace gases of interest, incorporating fluxes from both
anthropogenic and natural sources.
The current focus of GEIA is to make global emissions available on a
one degree grid for the entire world. The reference year for which
data is being collected is 1990. The following emissions inventories
are planned:
NOx - nitrogen oxide
SO2 - sulfur dioxide
VOC - volatile organic compounds (isoprene,terpene,other)
CO2 - carbon dioxide
Pb - lead
CFC - chlorofluorocarbons
NH3 - ammonia
N2O - nitrous oxide
CH4 - methane
CO - carbon monoxide
Hg - mercury
Biomass burning
Aircraft emissions

Middleton, P. and H. Lansford, ed. 1994. "Fourth International
Workshop on Global Emission Inventories, Summary Report", GEIA Data
Management and Information Exchange Center, Boulder, CO.

Graedel, T.E., T.S. Bates, A.F. Bouwman, D. Cunnold, J. Dignon,
I. Fung, D.J. Jacob, B.K. Lamb, J. A. Logan, G. Marland, P. Middleton,
J.M. Pacyna, M. Placet, and C. Veldt (1993): A Compilation of
Inventories of Emissions to the Atmosphere. Global Biogeochemical
Cycles. 7, 1-26.

GEIA publications and general information:
Henry Lansford, ACT Communication Manager

Data access and programming:
Debra Hopkins

Data Manager:
Paulette Middleton
GEIA Data Management and Information Exchange Center
2385 Panorama Avenue
Boulder, Colorado 80304
Data Availability:

GEIA data can be accsed through:
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