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Structure of the Continental Margin in the Weddell Sea and Adjacent Areas

Project Description
The aims of the seismic reflection and refraction surveys in the Weddell Sea
a) to develop a model on the break-up of this part of Gondwana,
b) to map the ocean-continent boundary,
c) to develop an idea about the evolution of the area since the break-up of
d) to map the sediment distribution and the seismostratigraphy of the region
in order to reconstruct major oceanic current systems.

Shot interval varies between 25 m and 30 m for the seismic reflection and 75
m and 150 m for the seismic refraction data. Since the data have been collected
over a long period of time, they are in various stages of processing up to

The following instruments were used:
800 and 3000 m long streamer(24 and 96 channel), 6,24 l airgun arrays,
3 l GI gun, 32 l airgun, 6-channel Reftek stations with 3-component
seismometer and geophone arrays.

The geographical coverage is as follows:
about 10000 km of seismic reflection and about 1500 km of seismic refraction
data have been collected in the Weddel Sea, Antarctica.
These data cover the entire region from shelf to deep sea.

Data are available on request, but with special arrangement.
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