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Gulf of Maine Ocean Data Partnership

Project Description

The purpose of the Gulf of Maine Ocean Data Partnership
( ) is to promote and coordinate the
sharing, linking, electronic dissemination, and use of data on the Gulf of
Maine region. The participants have decided that a coordinated effort is needed
to enable users throughout the Gulf of Maine region and beyond to discover and
put to use the vast and growing quantities of data in their respective
databases. Through the coordinated access to the respective databases, the
participants wish to advance a truly integrated ocean observing system in the
Gulf of Maine, promote an understanding of the diversity and distribution of
life in the Gulf of Maine, and contribute to integrated oceans management.

The founding members of the Partnership include governmental agencies,
intergovernmental organizations, and nongovernmental organizations, including
academic, research, and other nonprofit entities. Each of the participant is
engaged in the collection of physical, biological, chemical, or geologic data
on the Gulf of Maine.


The goal of this Partnership is to implement an information system that:
1. is technically and institutionally capable of linking databases that are
created and individually maintained by Participants and, where necessary and
appropriate, to archive data sets;
2. is region-wide in scale;
3. is compatible with other regional, national, and international information
4. is accessible by individuals throughout the Gulf of Maine region and beyond;
5. develops the web-based, visualization, and other information technologies
needed for the seamless exchange and facile use of distributed and aggregated
data; and
6. acknowledges and maintains the integrity of all data sources.
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