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Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre, Canada

Service Provider Description

The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre's (CIFFC) mission is to
minimize fire management cost and losses across Canada through
interagency support and cooperation. Through its operation it will
support the sustainable development of Canada's forest and enhance
Canada's ability to export fire management technology.

CIFFC operates as a private non-profit corporation with two levels of
management which direct the operation:

1. The Board of Corporate Trustees is made up of Deputy-Ministers
responsible for forestry representing each of the Provinces,
Territories and Federal Government. This group sets policy, gives
direction and approves annual budgets for the Fire Centre.

2. The Board of Directors is made up of the Directors responsible
forforest fire management for each of the Provinces, Territories and a
representative of the Federal government. This group prepares budgets
and policies and controls the operation and expenditures of the Fire

3. Fire Centre staff operate and implement programs approved by the
Board of Directors and the Board of Corporate Trustees. In addition,
the Fire Centre coordinates and directs working groups assembled to
address specific tasks.

The CIFFC works under the direction and umbrella of the Canadian
Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM).
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